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I am watching TV and they are talking about Bowe Bergdahl who is involved in this trade off for the Taliban fighters for an American POW. I am hearing the name Jessica Lynch mentioned by people who are wanting to put people on trial because this is some bad thing that is happening. I know who Bowe Bergdahl is, a POW and now coming home. Who is Jessica Lynch? I have heard the name before is she a POW as well, From a different war?


She was a cute little female soldier from Kentucky or West Virginia who took a wrong turn in the beginning of the Iraq War. Their convoy was attacked and a bunch of soldiers died. She survived and was taken captive and reportedly tortured and raped. U.S. forces located her and did an airborne rescue of her from a hospital behind enemy lines. I think she was the first female P.O.W. rescued in war in U.S. history.

One of her companions was a soldier named Ann Piestewa (or something close). She died in the attack. She was the first Native American U.S. soldier to die in a war on foreign soil. There is a mountain (or a hill) named after her in Phoenix.  

Lynch became a teacher and I think had a baby. Don't know if she got married though. I do recall she was pretty screwed up when she came back (physically and mentally) so its kind of surprising she is having a normal life.


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