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Hey Dennis,

Well, firstly I'll wager this is one of the stranger questions you get asked this week and, although it's a little out of left field, I hope it still comes under your remit and you can help.

But first, some context. I'm a screenwriter currently writing a script that revolves around the world of governmental departments and red tape. A world that is somewhat alien to me. Here's the scenario-

The story is set in the very near future and my National Security agent protagonist intercepts a communicae that contains a list of names of personnel at various Washington DC governmental locations one of which is an assassin disguised as a High rank operative/employee.

In order to keep the reader/audience off the scent, I need to have three possible suspects working at three facilities all of whom could be the assassin. The locations I chose were the obvious ones-

The Pentagon
The White House
The Senate

But it's not as easy as I thought to find lists of high profile jobs/ranks in those locations and what I'm looking for is positions of mid to high power with high security clearance that would allow the assassin access to confidential files or restricted areas.

So put simply, what are the positions would allow someone to walk around with impunity at the Pentagon, White House and Senate? That could also simply include ordinary blue-collar security of course.

There's an added bonus section to this. The Pentagon employee, who will turn out not to be the assassin, is in fact the female love-interest. As such, I was hoping to find a position for her that isn't so aggressively masculine. In other words, I don't want her to be a general or in any position where she would be required to be a ball breaker since I want her to be sympathetic.

For her, I was thinking of something outside the military, but still a position where she has access to high level areas and personnel (since we need to think she could be the assassin). A level of authority where she'd be invited to and have access to the war room, but se's not military. She's never handled a gun. This isn't really her world.

I hope I explained that well enough. That was a lot of info to get across. Thanking you in advance. I hope you can help.



The best person to fill all roles would be the public face of that agency. The one who is on TV answering questions from the press. The Public Information Officer has access to just about everything and everyone in the agency because s/he has to get the answers (or at least some answers) to keep the media at bay.

These people generally are not run-of-the-mill, ladder-climbing bureaucrats, but self-serving appointees who desire fame and/or fortune - the perfect assassin, if the price is right.

You probably wouldn't want to have 3 PIOs, but definitely one. Another character could work in the agency's communications office, the third could be a temporary "Czar" like that political hack that was appointed by Obama as Ebola czar that we heard and saw once, and then disappeared into the ether.

All of those cretins would make decent assassins.  


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