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Conservatives/Breakdown of current candidates?


Hello! I'm a university student that has fallen behind on politics and wants to be a little more informed. I consider myself conservative and want to know more about the current candidates, and I'm trying to research and gather different perspectives on the current situation.

It doesn't have to be too elaborate of an answer, I understand that you don't have all the time in the world to answer such a broad and open-ended question. But if I could get a brief list of the current/most prominent candidates of both parties and maybe like one sentence describing their hot button issues/stances on things, that would be super helpful. If you want to give me your personal perspective and opinion on it too, I would also appreciate that. Whatever you think a young college student who is sick of millenial liberalism needs to know would be great.... thank you so much for your time! I really appreciate it.


There aren't too many candidates left, but on the Republican side, you have Trump, Cruz, and Kasich. Trump says he is conservative, but his whole life has been one of New York liberalism.  What he really is, is angry, and he is using that anger to channel the anger of the voter into a populist campaign against the "establishment," which is kind of funny because up until he decided to run for President, he was part of the establishment.

Ted Cruz is, and always has been a conservative, both fiscal and social. His public career has been one of standing up for classical conservative values, which is why no one likes him in the Senate. He won't compromise his beliefs for perceived short-term benefits.

John Kasich was a conservative in Congress, but the longer he stayed there the more "moderate" he became. His stint as Governor of Ohio only added to his views on "moderation." He will trade away his conservative beliefs for what he sees as gain.

Hillary Clinton comes out of a conservative/moderate background, but to win the Democrat nomination, she  has gone full-blown Leftist. She's trying to out-socialize Socialist Bernie Sanders. She will say whatever she needs to say to get a vote, or to win an election. She has no core beliefs other than improving her own wealth and power, and that of her family.

Bernie Sanders couldn't recognize a conservative idea if it bit him on his butt. He is America's most famous socialist / communist / leftist. Everything should be free - and tax the rich, when their money is gone, tax the almost-rich, then the not-quite rich. What is interesting, is that Bernie is tapping into the same anger that Trump is using to drive his campaign. If the Democrats stiff Bernie out of the nomination (which could happen with their "super delegates") it wouldn't be surprising to see a lot of those Bernie voters switch to Trump.


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