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Hey There!
my question might need you to use your analysis and imagination more than your knowledge..
what should we expect from the next gen consoles?
lets think aloud here
3D tv/gaming failed so thats off the table
better graphics? well i  assume we agree that the PC gaming experience is ideal and the standard
consoles didnt top PC games yet.. so perhaps theres little potential for growth here
'be in the game' concept was introduced in the 360 at the end
what else? i honestly dont see much room for improvement..a pumped up graphics card is all i can imagine which i guess is why we havent heard of anything yet.. what do YOU think?

Its kind of funny how you asked this question because today at work me and my buddy were discussing the future of online consoles and he kind of threw me for a loop. At this point this is just a rumor, but game consoles as we know it, might be on their way out. The next set of gaming consoles releases are going to be the last consoles released. The future of video games may very well be online streaming. Their is one company called onlive, and another company called Gaikai  which allows players to stream their games on demand to PC, Mac, or tablet on demand. If this is the came, I'm guessing the Nintendo, Wii, and Sony will follow suit. As of right now, the online streaming gaming isn't good enough to wipe out the consoles, so this is years away from happen, but as they get better, they may very well wipe out Physical game consoles as we know it. I found a really good article that explains, why consoles will be a thing of the past, and yes, I do have to admit, its a bit scary, but who knows, it may actually be better. Their is also another reason the big three consoles would love to switch to online gaming streaming, they can finally put Gamestop out of business, which they have been trying to do for years. Gamestop makes most of its profits of selling used video games and video game companies don't like this at all, so making this type of move would also put Gamestop out of business. My friend made a prediction 9-10 years ago saying that video games would be around for another 10-20 years and then become a thing of the past, at the time, I thought he was crazy, but now seeing that it may become a reality. Of course he didn't know what would take the place of physical gaming consoles, just predicted they would slowly become obsolete. Well it looks like its more than just a rumor, Sony purchased  Gaikai. Its coming, its just a matter of time.

Console Games (Nintendo, Sony etc.) and Arcade Games

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