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Hi. Just wondering. I upgraded the Combuster completely. Then, it reached V5 and became the Magma Combuster. It still has all the old Raritanium upgrades, with no options for new ones. My question is: do I ever get the opportunity to upgrade it further, perhaps when I advance further in the story? (I'm about to go to the Pirate Base on Ardolis.)

Well I never played the game, though I really want to try the Ratchet and Clank series because it looks like fun. But I found an answer for you at

The upgrades go up to V5. but according to the site, the gun becomes obsolete in Ardolis at some point. Im not sure if that means you'll lose it or it just wont be of much help anymore. So to me, it sounds like it's fully upgraded, but there is various Raritanium upgrades. Go to that site I posted here and see which upgrades you can have and do have. Though I'm sure you'll get more weapons and much better ones soon on Ardolis.

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