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Thanks again for all the answers to my questions; I have a new one. As you know I collect video game consoles and I found the gem in my mind.. I found a sega game gear with a case which included the battery adapter, AC adapter, and 2 games. I looked at in the store and noticed that the batteries were corroded but the power button came on. I took the batteries out and cleaned the springs and looked down at the pins. I noticed that their is a yellow line going across the screen in the back. When i turn it on the power goes on but their is no picture. My friend believes it is the logic board. I was hoping you might be able to offer any suggestions as to if thats possible and if its possible to purchase a new logic board. I am willing to put a little money into the repair for it but I just don't want to get taken advantage of. Would appreciate any input you have..

Ok first off I'm glad my previous answers have helped you. As for the system, sweet find. They originally can't on the market for 150 bucks! First things first is to set a limit on how much it's actually worth to you because since you are buying it used, you don't know the condition its in or how well it was taken care of. Secondly I'd take some precautions: to start out I would get some new batteries and try them after you have cleaned the back. It's amazing how many problems that has solved. Next is that more than likely it is the capacitors on the main board. They go bad over time and they are only about 10$ to replace. A lot better than trying to fun the alternative. However I'm not saying that will fix it because you could have a more serious issue.....WATER DAMAGE!!!!!! Due it being a hand held system they were given to kids and therefore not always taken care of. But let's hope for the best. Let me know how it turns out.  

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