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I am playing the game The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim and I am deciding what race I should be. Is there any online survey or personality quiz I can do that would tell me what race I should be or is there any way you can you can help me decide what race I should be? Would it be a good idea if you emailed me questions, I reply, and you email me your honest answer? Please tell me your honest opion on what I should do. If you cannot answer this question, could you tell me who can?

I played through the whole game one time as the nord and it was super easy lol. Youd have a hard time with the lizard guy because thats the most hated race in the game... They're usually assassins or spies. The elves are good for being a mage. I did perfectly well with the strong nord. So I suggest him/her. But it depends if you want to be a sword fighter or a mage

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