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I want to play some GBA games through my tv. I know about the gameboy player which requires a disc, but I also heard about a cable that links that GBA to the gamecube with specific games. I found a list of these games on wiki, but I want to know if I use this cable, will I be able to play those select titles through my tv. if so does the GBA act as a controller. Or is the gameboy player the only way to bring these gba games to my TV with gameboy advance games (not the super gameboy player for SNES)
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Gday Phil,

Then Gameboy player is the only way to play your Gameboy, Gameboy Color & Gameboy Advanced Games thru the TV.

The link cable when connected to your Gameboy Advanced depending on the game  on the GC and the GBA will do one of the following things.  Act as a controller (Probably best used in conjunction with the gameboy player so the controller feel is correct for the game played.  Act as a controller with extra information being displayed on the screen.  (IE in Pacman vs one player controls pacman on the gameboy showing the entire maze while the other players play on the TV controlling the ghosts with a limited view.  Zelda it used when you player goes off the main screen and to display more information on the GBA.)  AS a transfer pack (Able to transfer pokemon from GC games into Gameboy games.  Or when connected in animal crossing gives you access to a hidden island or adding in Animal crossing E-reader cards.) Or able to download mini games to the Gameboy advance from the GC (Mickeys Magic Mirror is one I can off hand)

It has a ton of fairly cool features used which a lot of people don't know about and never used. If you think about it, it is almost similar technology that now the Wii U is using (Just wireless and with a touch screen)

Hope this helps you out.


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