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Whats a good strategy for san andreas gta besides the cheat codes should i not start many fights etc>? what gives?

This is a tremendously vague question that I really have no way of answering adequately without any further specifics. San Andreas is a pretty open world type game (well, within the limits of the city of course) where you can do a lot of little side things and generally just mess around in between main story missions.

The thing that you mention about not starting many fights makes me think you have never played a GTA game before. In each game you are pretty much a convict or criminal or some sort of other undesirable element. The game world responds to this in the way you would expect. Beat up and kill people regularly and you find the authorities taking a special interest in you. They will amp up their efforts to stop you from sending armed officers in squad cars after you, to SWAT teams, to choppers that will track your movement, so the law can find you easier. Every game has a Wanted meter that tracks the levels of resistance you will encounter. To lower your notoriety back to levels where you can actually function again, you have to evade capture or dying for a certain period until the meter goes down.

If you need help with the game itself, like figuring out what to do or where to go, I suggest checking out a FAQ on I have never played the game, or really any of the other GTAs to any significant degree (as this is not my type of game), so I really can't help you with anything other than very general knowledge.

Hope what little I could provide helps you. Good luck.

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