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can you play multiplayer with a kid using the same wii as you on call of duty modern warfare 3?

Since I did not know this answer off the top of my head I took this answer from the Call Of Duty community site... I hope this helps.

The Wii version of MW3 will not have any additional modes than it already does. That means that the Wii version will not have the missions game mode or split-screen play. The Wii version also lacks a few killstreaks that are too much for the Wii to handle (the chopper gunner, for example) do to a lack of system RAM.

The increase in visual fidelity in Black Ops and MW3 over MWR and WaW was due in part to the development team finding a way to stream the maps from the disc while the game is played. MWR and WaW fully loaded maps into the system RAM, allowing for somewhat smoother gameplay but at the cost of significantly reduced texture quality.

I would say that Blops and MW3 have pushed the Wii to its hardware limit. Be happy that each version of CoD on the Wii has gotten better looking, more fun, and included more from the PS3/XB360 versions.

Oh yeah...and NO map packs coming, either.

I only have call of duty mw2, mw3, waw, and black ops for playstation 3, so I had to do a little searching for that answer.  

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