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Hello there - Which portable gaming handheld system provides the overall best value and experience? I want to play New Super Mario Bros. using a handheld console, also to use use wifi internet. Are you able to advise me which is the best handset console I should purchase and why?

Thank you.

Well if we are speaking specifically about the Vita vs 3DS then I think 3ds gets the slight edge. I own both and I have the same ammount of games for both but there seems to be more good games coming out in the future for 3ds than the Vita. I believe the Vita has the superior hardware, but hardware is nothing without a good library of games.

If we are talking anything, then the iPad mini or ipad 2 are your best bets. I use my iPad 2 more than my pc in regards to Internet use. Easier to check emails, surf the net, etc a lot faster. I don't recommend the iPad 3 as for some reason it heats up a great deal. Can't be good long term.

And then there's a huge call for the original DS. Massive library of awesome games and likely much cheaper at this point too.

Feel free to ask any follow up questions.

Console Games (Nintendo, Sony etc.) and Arcade Games

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