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Hello from Italy i would like to get a new Xbox 360 stingray for Christmas , problem is my older Samsung LCD 720p hd ready doesn't support hdmi , so my curiosity was does the stingray still support the HDTV Av cable that was shipped with my old Xbox pro ?  as my console broke but i  did preserve that cable if you tell me I'm able to still use it with the  the stingray i like over the slim i will get a stingray unless only the slim supports this kind of hdtv cable for people with older no hdmi lcd like mine let me know as i plan get one of the 2 even if i like stingray more over the slim thanks .

Gday Luca,

According to the Xbox wiki page the cables are universal across the Xbox family.

By a quick look at the back it supports both the original XBOX AV and HDMI cables so you should be good to go.

Hope this helps.


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