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QUESTION: I have 99% skills and as far as I know Thirst for Earth's Destruction (Omega Shenron) is the only one left. I have skill fished tons and I don't even think I can get it in someone's DU.

ANSWER: here you go Jake... straight from gamespot.coms DBZ Budokai 3 cheats page.
The Omega Shenron is listed in it.

Once invited to fight against Gotenks at the tournament, go visit Bulma in west city. Next defeat Gotenks and then you'll get to unlock Omega Shenron.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Sorry, I wasnt very clear. Thirst for Earths Destruction is one of Omega Shenron's Equipment capsules. Actually, its his 'Reduce Ki in Hyper Mode' capsule. That is what I am looking for.


That might have your answer. Besides that (maybe), I looked all over google and couldn't find you a good answer. That game seems to have so many unlockables and characters, I may have to try it out. I don't know if that link will help or not but it was the best result I could find.  

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