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Just wanted to know if the xbox 360 games in the States, especially Madden NFL 13 and NHL 13, are region-locked or not. Since they aren't available here in India, i was planning to have them bought and delivered through someone based in the States (My TV runs both PAL and NTSC formats).


I believe that xbox and its games are region locked everywhere. So only American games will work on an American system. If you bought the xbox in india then only india region locked games will work. If you got the xbox sent to you from america or you bought it in america, then american only games will work. I advise to get a playstation 3 (or 4 since its now available to pre order). Playstation isnt region locked at all. MAdden 13 is a great game, besides the online pass thing which is a pain and I have no clue how NHL 13 is. I'm sure it's a good game as well.

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