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I am having fuzzy white screen problems with my Galaga/Ms.Pacman 20 year edition upright. The joystick control also does not move the spaceship to the left, sometimes. The screen was black and fairly clear one day then fuzzy and washed out white the next. Suggestions?

Gday Doug,
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The Fuzzy white screen seems to probably be an adjustment to the monitor, either the contrast and or focus on the monitor.  With a friend or a mirror attempt to adjust accordingly.

The Joystick could be a wiring, micro switch or nylon/rubber.  Put the machine in test mode, go to SWITCH TESTS then start pressing the joystick left.  See if it responds.  Also listen to see if you hear the micro switch clicking each time.  (If it not there is something not right with the switch or the nylon/rubber that connects to it.)  Check the nylon/rubber at the base of the joystick for any damage.  If it not that try and swap the micro switch for the left movement with one of the player 2 micro switch to see if that is it.  Finally if that is not it trace the wiring back to the jamma harness/  Make sure there are no knick, or breaks.  (Replace if need be.)

Hope this helps you out.


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