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QUESTION: ofcourse with all the hype of grand theft auto 5 and all i was thinking of getting a ps3 but do you think i should hold out for ps4

ANSWER: if you are a serious gamer the ps3 is the console to get. i do not yet know if ps4 will have gta5 yet. you have to keep looking that up every now and then and find out. it is the best gta by far. im in the proccess of finishing up that game now. id say just wait until ps4 if you want to get the best quality games. i have had a ps3  since 2008 and i got 118 games free so far so its worth it to me.

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QUESTION: Wouldnt all ps3 games play on ps4 and how does one get thesefree games how does it work?

there is at least two free games on playstation plus which is 18 dollars every three months. ps4 will not be able to play ps3  games yet but there will be an offer for select games on ps3  to be upgraded to ps4 quality. battlefield 4, assassins creed 4, and call of duty ghost all have that offer so far.

Console Games (Nintendo, Sony etc.) and Arcade Games

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I can answer any questions about Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Nintendo 64, PSP, Xbox, and Super Nintendo. I've been playing games since 1996 starting with Star Fox 64.


I still own over 250 games for Playstation 3 and 2 alone. I also have beaten most of these games that were worth beating. The only games I wont know too much about is xbox 360 games because they do not appeal to me especially when it costs money to play online. I'm akways a gamer on a budget, so I get games when they are either used or marked down in price. I played and own all of the best games you can think of, yes including Gears Of war games and Halo games, so I know exactly what I like in games and what I don't like. For example, Gear was fun in horde mode for a little until the automatic covering system was happening too much and it was hard to run for long. The chainsaw was awesome though.

I've only been through High School. I graduated in 2008. I was enrolled in Devry that year but due to extreme prices, I backed out of it. The course I was going for was game design and programming.

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Even though it's not an actual award, I have 2940 trophies as of May 13, 2012 for Playstation 3.

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