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ofcourse with all the hype of grand theft auto 5 should i get a ps3 bundle with it or wait for ps4 although i know it going to be alot for ps4 initially

If you've yet to own a a console from this generation (PS3 or Xbox 360) then getting the GTAV bundle is a great value because not only do you get GTAV but you have an entire generation of games youve likely not played that you can go back and play. And many are 20 dollars or less to pick up nowadays.

On the other hand, if you wanna jump into the next gen head first then go ahead and wait. But be prepared to have an initial lull in the gaming library for it. New consoles usually come out with 10-20 games and then theres a 4-6 month period void of new great games. Or like the Wii U an entire year before you get new great games.

So it's up to you but the better value is the PS3 bundle. And remember, signing up for Playstation Plus gets you free games every month!

Console Games (Nintendo, Sony etc.) and Arcade Games

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