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I recently purchased the NES Open Tournament Golf at a yard sale. There's a sticker on there (the original sticker) that says Nintendo Promotional Offer Not for Resale.
Do you know what this could be worth?
I've researched this exact one with the sticker extensively and have come up with nothing because it's rare. A similar item, with the sticker, sold for $175 whereas the game without the sticker only sold for about $19.
Any help would be appreciated.


Honestly the easiest way to know is to get the item appraised by a certified appraiser. The issue with these items is that there are so many factors that go OBO pricing that it's impossible for me to give you an estimate. If you take it to someone, they can verify if the item and sticker are authentic as well as give you a rating and possible value. To give you an example of the complexity these are a few things they use to value:

Item physical appearance
Physical condition
Sticker condition
Smoker or non smoker home
Wear on cartridge
Number of games in area

There are so many more. Hope this helps.  

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