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Would it be acceptable to use the word "torpedo" in public, or will it offend people? It contains the word "pedo" in it, which Nintendo thinks is offensive. Try using it for your message on the 3DS, and it will not let you do it.
"The name and\or creator name for this Mii contains language that others may find offensive ..."

my son, Ray

did you try capitalizing pedo? torPEDO or try TORPEDO. my name on playstation is chucksstuntman and unt is always *** lol. i do not know why torpedo would be edited on nintendo. its like how mtv edited words trigger, gun, goddamn, etc. so j suggest using a different word or or maybe try undrwater missle and see hkw that is showing up. torpedo is a new one for me. i never heard of it being edited. its nkt offensive. maybe just the pedo part lol. also if parental controls are enabled, disable them. that might be why.

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