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Console Games (Nintendo, Sony etc.) and Arcade Games/Vita Slim with Multiple PSN using Internal and External Memory


I have a question regarding my PS Vita Slim.

Assuming i have an extract 8GB Memory card, can i use my two existing PSN IDs? One will be on my Internal 1GB and one with the 8GB?

I have read that PSN IDs in Vita are attached to Memory card and the internal 1GB memory card will be de-activated once you insert an external one. So with that, i came up with an idea about this one.. can you confirm this one.

Sadly due to piracy issues sony has disabled that feature. You can either use one or the other but not both. They had the 1gb internal so customers could play it out of the box without getting a memory card. Or for the casual player. Hope this helps.  

Console Games (Nintendo, Sony etc.) and Arcade Games

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