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QUESTION: Are there any online games that can be played between consoles or do all consoles have their own servers so only xbox people play with other xbox players and ps3 people only with other  ps3 people? No intermingling? Seem like a possible future?

ANSWER: All consoles have their own servers, so no intermingling. If you have Madden for Xbox one and your buddy has Madden for PS4 or wii, you can't play each other. No, it does not seem like a possible future. it's all about competition. Theirs no way that Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony would agree to do this. If they did this, then it means less money, bottom line profit. Let's say you have PS4 or Nintendo and all your friends have Xbox One, then you are more likely to buy an Xbox one, so you can play all your friends. I hope this answers your questions.

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QUESTION: From the perspective of someone who has a wiiu it makes sense, but ultimately it seems a matter of current popularity. Would Nintendo be more for it now while in the future maybe Playstation will do less well and roles could reverse? Maybe game makers could force consoles to interconnect a world of players or else not offer the useage of their games? Something has to bring commonality of a single game together?

Yes, you are correct, most people including myself would like to interact with everyone using one console. but like I said, its just not realistic. You also have to take into account that each of the three consoles uses different software. In order for all online games to be on the same cloud servers, all three consoles would have to be using the same software. Not only that, the programming for playing games would have to be rewritten from scratch and the whole online gaming created from scratch. You can also bet this will increase cost the developers more money to create the games, and will eventually be passed on the the consumers, and you can bet on that online game will cost more. Game developers can not force consoles to interconnect a world of players. Developers just make games that's it, have no control over what the 3 consoles do, plus they still want to get paid for their work. The only possible solution for this to happen, is for a monopoly to happen, but this wouldn't be good ether because if their ever was a monopoly, games would be more expensive and the games wouldn't be as good, since their would be no more competition.  

Console Games (Nintendo, Sony etc.) and Arcade Games

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