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What is the best book on the subject of video game history?

You are the first person to ask me this question and to answer your question, I don't really know which is the best book every written. I found a book with great reviews on Amazon pertaining to the subject, but is it the best I don't know. It's like asking what's the best movie ever made or the best book ever written, or the best video game ever made. Everyone is bound to have a different opinion.

Console Games (Nintendo, Sony etc.) and Arcade Games

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I can help you with almost any video game console game. If you are stumped in a game and do not know what to do next, I would be glad to help you. I can also provide you with cheats and gameShark codes for any console. I can also answer questions regarding emulators and roms for the NES, SNES, GBA, and sega genesis. I can help you on some PC games, but that depends on the game. The only types of games I may not be able to help you with are racing and sports game.


I can get walkthroughs and cheats on virtually any video game. I am good at researching information on the Internet. I also have knowledge to help people with their emulators and roms. I am also a member of yahoo answers and answer bag, so I have experience with answering other peoples questions.

When I was in high school, I was in the chess club and video game club.

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