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Zoe wrote at 2010-04-05 22:02:37
That is a ridiculous answer... Please do elaborate!

Please make a ligitimate argument for the non existance of such political groups. It is fine if you do not believe these things but to say that the bilderberg group is a weekend getaway for 130 people of extreme importance to this world is slightly uneducated. Please do elaborate!  

Gerrit wrote at 2013-02-18 19:38:50
Maybe playing devil's advocate here, but there are clear indications out there that the Illuminati are not as dead as they are believed to be. Maybe they operate in a different shape, using different names, but it comes down to the same thing. Don't forget that the Illuminati are a highly secretive organisation. You cannot just openly operate and still remain a secret society, so it is quite obvious you won't see any Illuminati organisations visable to the public eye. Also, the Bavarian Illuminati as founded by Adam Weisshaupt, have disbanded. That is the official version. However, to disband and continue operating in secret, is one of the best methods for such organisations to survive: if you insist on secrecy, making people believe the organisation is dead is a good way to try to let people believe the Illuminati are dead. Regardless under what name and in what format, the fact that secret organisations (be it the Illuminati or other such groups) do have more influence than people would like to know, is more or less a fact. Maybe the Illuminati indeed don't exist anymore, but then there are enough similar organisations who more or less have the same goal of world control. Different name, same ideology. To just assume the Illuminati disbanded without their ideology surviving in different formats or groups, seems a bit naive to believe when research at least indicates that secret societies still play an important role in society. Think of the Freemasons (OK, they are a different thing alltogether, but like other secret organisations they do attract those with power, influence and money. Several cities are littered with masonic and occult symbolism, and many high ranked individuals have memberships of one or more secret societies. Due to the secretive nature, I don't know if it is possible to see the total picture. Hence making statements on which organisations are existing, which disbanded, and which organisations are follow-ups of older secret societies, is quite hard. But there's quite a few good documentaries and books written on the subject of secret societies, I would recommend to check several ones. Inevitably you may notice some contradicting info, but again, portraying a society which operates in secrecy is not that easy. Avoid those books and documentaries that try to lurk people with sensational slogans or titles, for example the Illuminatus! Trilogy is fun reading but nowhere near a non-fictional accurate work (a good promotion for Discordianism though ;)).  

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Conspiracies are fun to look at. What is up with JFK, RFK, MLK, CIA, NSA, UFOs etc. I am sceptic in most of them, but I can play devils advocate.


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