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Diagonal Piping
Diagonal Piping  
I recently cut through my damaged shower stall to remove and find a fitting replacement. The bottom of the shower stall had cracked through and leaked in to the bedroom.While cutting I hit a pipe(1/2"cpvc)that I've repaired already.The issue is that the pipes were run through on a diagonal to shortcut the job?In order for me to install a new shower It seems I will need to repipe through the 2x4.I am not sure if its ok to do this through the center of 2x4 and proximity to the power outlet?Please offer some guidance and see attached.



Yes you can do that.  They need to be ran through the corner to allow installation of the new shower.  Electrical is no concern.  They must gain access from the other side to put fittings into that corner.  Hopefully this will help with your project.


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