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I just recently bought a brand new house in Haslet Texas built by First Texas Homes. Since moving into the house July 1,2012, we have had a couple of strong rain and along with these rain is a water leak from the ceiling in the master bathroom by the arched window. I contacted the warranty department of First Texas Homes. They came to look at the spot where the water leaked (like a dripping faucet). They could not find anything wrong with the window or the roof. They patched the hairline crack on the wood siding outside the window which did not solve the problem. Last saturday, we had another leak and then my husband and I realized that our brand new house does not have any gutters or downspouts. We thought maybe this is the reason why we are having a water leak. When we called First Texas Homes, they said that gutters and downspouts does not come standard in their houses. I just can't understand how that is. They claim that these are upgrades. My question is, is installing gutters and downspouts not a standard construction requirement in building new homes in Texas?

I am glad these folks (first Texas) do not sell cars as I can see it now

"We had no idea you expected an engine with a new car"

Thank you for the heads up as  I don't think I will be looking in your nexk of the woods for a home.

I remember once doing roof drain installations and the roofing membrane was giving out to contract

1- bid was  2.7 million

2- Bid was 2.1 million

3- bid was $900,800   He was awarded the contract

After a long dry spell we had a major rain storm and  the accounts below the roof had buckets to catch the rain the roofer was called back and he stated "Hey for under million there is no way I would state there would be no leaks !!!

I think this contractor moved on to TEXAS    IMHO  

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