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Good afternoon Mr. Kilcup. I have a question regarding a mobile home demolition project that I would like to do.The property involved is situated in Grays Harbor County, WA.I am a Metal Building Erector normally, so this demolition project is a bit out of my area of expertise and it has left me somewhat puzzled in how to "bid" on,or submit a reasonable estimate , for the cost of the project, in it's entirety. The project involves the decommissioning of a 45 space R/V Park. Located within the Park are 5- 14x70 mobile home structures. 3 of which, have additions added to them- 1 has a single car garage built onto it (like a "lean-to" with 3 outer walls), a second one has a 14x60' "lean-to" type addition added to it and a 3rd one has a free standing, metal roof structure that the mobile home sits under, a 20x20' deck with an 8x8' Hot tub sitting in the middle of it and 12'x50' "lean-to addition added to it as well. The remaining 2 mobile homes are standard 14x70' mobiles with no additions. Are ya still with me? lol.  Ok- Located on the far end of the property is a recreation facility that measures 30'x60'. It is a single story, stick-built structure constructed on a concrete slab of the same dimensions. I have spent the entire day on the computer trying to find information that will provide me with the necessary resources that I need to put together an estimate or a "bid" proposal so to speak, that I can present to the property owner in hopes that I will be the one he chooses to do the job. I already have my "foot in the door", if you will, in that I have done some other projects(that WERE within my area of expertise) for the owner in the past that he was very pleased and satisfied with. I know that there is a permit that needs to be obtained to do this mobile home demo project and to obtain the permit, there first must be a survey performed by a qualified person to assess the hazardous waste (asbestos)involved and that that assessment or report must be included with the permit application and I am aware of the costs and fees that are involved with that. But that is about it! I feel that I am at a complete loss when it comes to the rest of it in that I have no clue what to charge, per mobile home nor do I know what to charge for the removal of the stick-built facility. I could really use some help. So, what do ya think? Can ya help a brother out?  Thank you very much for your time and consideration. Sincerely, J.T. Butcher in Grays Harbor County,WA

Unless you have the luxury of a generous budget and need to do the work yourself to keep some guys busy I would consider opening the job up to bidding from established demolition contractors. They understand the rules, have the equipment and the knowledge to properly dismantle and recycle the structures. If you don't have any local guys in the Harbor try Nuprecon out of Snoqualmie Falls or Rhine from Tacoma.

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