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I am having dampness in walls above skirting and plaster is getting peeled of. will a coating of crystalline substance like XYPEX/KRYTONE help? Alternatively, Pl suggest some other remedy.

Sorry it took so long to respond, my emails have not been coming to me properly, For starters, to answer this question properly i need to know a few extra things, I will list below.
1 climate you live in
2 type of construction used on building
Knowing these things will help to determine a better answer and solution to your problem

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Albert Roy Horne


I can answer questions about concrete form work, door repairs, and most questions regarding most construction, I can also answer questions related to contractors and which ones are best suited to specific tasks, and some that are best left in the phone book, and any related to drafting and design, with very good knowledge of fire codes and building codes


I have been in the construction industry for over 20 years, with various types of construction and repairs, I was also a fire fighter/fire inspector for a small town fire dept for 3 years. I started out in the industry with architectural drafting, as an education but found i liked the building side better

A member of local 1030 united brotherhood of carpenters and joiners

I took a year of architectural drafting, then a lot of on the job training. While on the fire dept i also took a fire inspection and investigation course, But mostly the training has been on the job.

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