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RAC wrote at 2013-03-12 22:41:54
The questioner criticised the response on the grounds that it was dated and inadequate.  In the original question, the questioner provided no specifics, and did not request anything other than general comments, which is what the questioner received.  The information given in the question did not support more detail.  There was nothing in the answer that is not correct or that has been disproven lately.  Blasting and the related responses of the rock and soil column, and of the structures they support, are highly site specific.  The biggest challenge in serving this community when these kinds of questions come up is trying to provide assistance when what is really needed is a site visit and the review of available data.  

This forum is a free service and is not an alternative to the engagement of a qualified professional to resolve issues that are technologically complex and legally sensitive.  The questioner brought up an issue that most definitely is technologically complex and legally sensitive.  It is too bad the questioner feels underserved.  Because the questioner feels sufficiently qualified to assert that the answer is dated and ignorant of the latest developments in the field, it is suggested that the questioner undertake his own, site-specific study so as to develop the conclusions he wants.  

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