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We recently pulled up the flooring in our basement and noticed cracks in the floor coming in and out is several directions.  The cracks are not very wide but not thin.  Without seeing them I know you can't tell for sure, but do you think this is a serious problem?  And how do we go about having it looked at and fixed

Concrete cracking is very normal.  If a nickel fits..that the max of normal.  If it grows to 2 dimes...this is getting to a concern point.  If you dont have water infiltration, or insects...then your water shield is still in place.   If the floor is cracking from Heaving...rising up in the roots..pushing..that is not good.  It will get worse.  First..get some two part epoxy...for concrete.  comes in caulking tube form.  Carefully and methodically squeaze it into the cracks.  If after several weeks..that breaks loose...your concrete is moving...then get serious.

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