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QUESTION: My builder is cheating in everything and I want to change him. He started brick installation and has not finished, the same with framing etc. everything is unfinished. How I can swithc to another builder? Thank you for your help.

ANSWER: First question I would ask, is does he still owe work for any money you have given him, and if so can you take the loss? Second if there is nothing owing from either side, is there a contract? If there is, then you can fire him depending on the contract for failing to comply to the contract, Alternatively, you may also approach hi and warn him that he is not following through, and give him the chance to rectify the problem, as well as any mistakes that have been made in the construction, and if that doesn't happen, find a builder that will complete the job properly and for reasonable cost, BUT, if there are deficiencies, then have a meeting with new builder and the inspector, and make sure the inspector knows his company/name etc, that way they can check his other work, and by having your new builder there that shows that you want to get the work done and done properly. Now in the mean time should your old builder show up, unless to get tools left behind etc, then inform him that he has been replaced and formally serve him a notice of trespass.
That way you cover your ass and the new builders as well. There are so many builders out there that do bad work, it makes it bad for all of us. I hope that this helps, just make sure that you cover all basis, and that your new builder is aware of all potential issues that could arise

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QUESTION: Thank you so much for your help. Where I will have to get the inspector? Can I start building right away with a new builder or wait the court decision? He took down three windows and door and stopped the work. I feel like I am sleeping on the street at nights which is scary. He put plywood instead of windows and doors

The inspector, would come from your town or area, Now before this, only go to a building inspector, if this is work is being done with permits, or if you have concerns about the quality of workmanship, and if the windows are left open, then yes by all means, get your house secure, with a new builder, use the courts as a last resort. I hope this helps, Thank god we have Mike Holmes in Canada, He fights for the customers that end up in your situation. Good luck and if you need feel free to ail me again

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