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With reference to a box drain which was built poorly by an inexperienced contractor. Some of the defects are:
1. drain walls are not uniform (some areas wider by between 1/2 to 1 inch)
2. drain outer surface not smooth (rough spots etc.) - how repair and make surface drain smooth to look uniform. Heard plastering the concrete drain does not hold. What other options, additives, techniques can be used to restore and smoothen the surface of the drain.
3. Where can I learn more about repairing and restoring concrete structures

I don't know the dimensions of the box drain and that is not a term I am familiar with.  If it is made of concrete and is in good structural shape and large enough to work in I would try to grind the imperfections out of the wall with a diamond grinder bit.  If the offsets are too big you might have to bushammer the surface prior to grinding.  If the grinding does not work there are patching  and sealing compounds that can be place against the concrete's surface. Most of the concrete we poured was in high quality forms so the finishing was nominal, l am not an expert on this because of that fact.
I would check with the ACI (American Concrete Institute) on anything related to concrete, including finishing and dry finishing.

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