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Good day
With reference to my foundation plan as attached= can you assist with calculating the following below (or provide me with the formula or approach to calculate)
How much quantity of the following is required for this foundation project: (figures in mm and estimating that 1 bag cement = 100 blocks; also lap steel every 2 feet and using 1:3 ratio for mortar mix)
1. Sand
2. Concrete
3. Cement
4. U bars
5. Stirups
6. blocks
Can you give me some insights and/or how to calculate the following.

Whenever I do any type of calculations like the above there are 2 sources i swear by. I will provide you with the link for 1 and the name of the other,    which is an online contractors calculator and
handyman calculator, which is an android based app on my cellphone,
those are the best ones I have found. Personally I still prefer to do everything in imperial measurements, even as a commercial union carpenter using metric, we always tried to convert as much as possible, as far as the concrete it would be best to just order pre mix, it makes job much quicker, unless getting a truck in is not possible. when you refer to u bars, if the are for wall to footing retention, just use straight re bar and bend into an L shape, or use pre bent. Stirrups are not a total necessity, as thy mostly fall over when floor is poured, best to use the odd rock, as the mesh or re bar must be pulled upwards when concrete is being poured, that way you get good base underneath the bar/mesh. I hope this is somewhat helpful and wish I had more time to go further in depth with the calculations  

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