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Good day
With reference to the following, I would like to sketch a hip roof for a 4/12 slope or a 1/6 pitch on the plan attached.
The overhang for the roof is 3'.
Also need to compute the following
1. length of common rafters
2. length of hip rafters
3. length of jack rafters

Do not need anything elaborate just a sketch with the calculations.

I will do you one better, the following is a link that I use on a regular basis, it is a very well put together construction calculator, It will allow for rafters hips blocks and all kinds of other things, A person with limited knowledge can use it for many things, as my neighbor did recently. He used it to build his shed, right from the ground up, It even has templates that you can print off for your cuts, here is the link
I offer you this instead of doing it for you, as there is no better way than to learn from your attempts. As for advice, always buy a couple more pieces of lumber, I suggest 4, just to be safe, and always measure twice, cut once,
I did do one up for you though, it works out closer to a 5/12 roof you have to sort of play around with the birdsmouth measurements to see how you want them to sit

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