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My house is almost 5 years old.  It was built in April of 2009.  I purchased it in July of 2009.  It is in Fort Smith, AR.  It has a concrete slab foundation and brick veneer.  My brick started cracking in a stair step formation of both sides of the house.  I was advised by my realtor to get a professional opinion but I listened to my contractor and let them repair the brick.  A year later those same cracks appeared again and now they are also in the front and back.  There is some cracking inside the house as well.  Some of the doors are moving and not shutting well and it also has a small bulge in the ceiling underneath where the furnace sets in the attic.  Everyone I talk to is saying "foundation failure" except the contractor and he is saying that this is all very normal.  I do plan on getting a soil engineer to test it.  If it is foundation failure, is this contractor responsible?

In regards to the brick it, does sound to me like the slab is settling. This should be looked at by a professional engineer. He can evaluate the settlement and determine the severity.
The settlement inside is fairly normal but the engineer should look at that while he is there.
If the builder is still working with you he may pay or split the fee for an engineer's opinion.
Hope this helps.
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