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I am starting a company to do much infrastructure work. We will be doing all site prep and clearing. Dirt work, drainage, concrete and paving. My partner has much experience in this field. I will be running the business. I would like to know 'his' side of the business, to be a better partner. What books do you suggest I read?

I would go outside and work with him until you have experienced enought of the work to understand what he does.  This will help you in sales (you can articulate what your firm does better than the competition), it will help you in estimating the cost of the work and it will give you some credibilty working with the field crews in the future.  The best books that I read were about the business aspects:
Good to Great, Built to last, Tom Schliefers Contractors Survival Guide and Jack Welch books on leadership.
I would also attempt to find any books on the geology in your area and piping and infrastructure,  ACI has a number of books on concrete paving and I am sure the asphalt paving people have some publications as well.

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