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With reference to formwork for building of drains, curb, slipper, catch pit and all concrete work for infrastructure land development projects.
What type(s) of formwork give the best vale for money considering cost, life, quality of finish and re-usability in your experience?

Are plastic formwork worthwhile, heard they are light, re-usable and affordable. If so which brands or companies would you recommend for plastic formwork.

Recently was involved in constructing a small curb but only had 40 feet of forms. Curb went over budget and realized that if I had about 300 - 400 feet of formwork, I would have been on budget in constructing the curb. Since formwork is expensive, what types of formwork would you recommend if I were to purchase 300 - 400 feet of forms for curb building- something affordable, long life, produce good finish and is reusable.

I am not overly familiar with Plastic forms, I have worked with a steel system called meeva, the have a plastic sheet in place of the form boards, I personally don't buy forms, unless it is just planking etc for sidewalks porches etc. Peri systems have some aluminium forms that usually come with wood formboard and you build them the size you need, If I were to buy forms I would look into Peri as the aluminium is lighter than steel and I'm pretty sure you could get the plastic to go on instead of wood, The thing that people think the plastic does is provide a soother finish, that is not entirely true, vibrating the concrete will do that, a good vibrator will help push the concrete into any little openings and provide a smoother texture to the finish. The meeva forms although steel and heavy, do actually wor well for square 90 corners for columns walls etc. As far as new technology or techniques, they are all still basically the same, the product and addatives may change or material used for forms as well as machinery. other than that it is all still the same. One newer idea/method, is slip-forming, this allows for semi continuos pours, of really tall structures. I hope these help with your questions, Check out underfround construction for some interesting articles on underground concrete pipe repair etc, some of the products and techniques they use may very well be applicable soon to other sectors as well

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