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I need to have a concrete slab poured. It will hold a container 20'long X 8'wide X 7'high. When full, it will weigh approximately 20000lbs. What would be recommended depth?

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6 inch slab would be best, I would personally go with small footings on the perimeter to allow for extra weight distribution. The big thing with anything like a container or machine shop machines, is good soil compaction, this is a must on any pour but even more so on this type. If it was me, I would go 18 inches deep around outside, pour a 12 wide base about 12 inches thick, then compact area, and pour a 6 inch floating slab over top, that way you will give extra support should it end up heavier, I hope this helps answer your question, I have seen 4 inch used and hold but my opinion is a little thicker just to be safe

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