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Conditions of Contract:
FIDIC Fourth Edition 1987
Repritended 1988 and 1992

Clause: 44.1- Extension of Time for Completion
(c) Exceptionally adverse climatic conditions

The above is one reason to claim Extension of Time.

Actually what are "Exceptionally adverse climatic conditions"?
Will unusual rains which prevent working in open air falling under this category?
An early reply is much appreciated.

Dear Mr Basil,
Sorry for replying late as i have moved to Riyadh.
As the name implies, anything unusual can be termed as exceptionally unusual climatic conditions.
the unusual rains which prevented working in open space can be claimed only when,
1. the rainfall is much more than the usual annual rain fall in that location. This must the supported with news paper cuttings, meteorological data over past years.
2. you should have maintained the hindrance register in which the owner / PMC should have endorsed the exceptionally adverse climate conditions.
3. This should have been well covered in the notices and daily / weekly / monthly progress reports
4. you should also prove that the referred part of external works could not have completed during non daily days even by crashing the program or otherwise.
only then your claim could be evaluated and accepted. otherwise, the engineer can very well determine saying that the said work could have been done with proper planning during non rainy days.

I think i have answered your question even if it is late.
---r sivaraman

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