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plz tell about the finishing load in detai with suitable example.

Dear Mr. Abhimanyu,

This is to acknowledge receipt of your question regarding ‘finishing load in detail with suitable example’.

Point no. 1:

By ‘finishing load’ I hope that you mean ‘floor finishing load’ which is a Dead Load on the Structure.

The permissible ‘dead loads’ (including RCC slabs, floor finishing, and others if any) on floor slabs vary from structure to structure / building types and cannot be generalized.    

Point no. 2:

Request you to refer to IS 875 (Part 2) – 1987 Indian Standard Code of Practice for Design Loads (other than Earthquake) for Buildings and Structures, (Part 2 – Imposed Loads) for the permissible loads for your specific building type.

For example:

The UDL permitted for a dwelling unit is 2 kN / m2, whereas for an educational institution the same would be 3 kN / m2 and for an office 2.5 – 4.0 kN / m2 and so on.     

Kindly note that these loads would have to be suitably reduced as one goes up higher above ground.

Hope that the above answers your question. Please feel free to revert, where necessary.

Yours truly,

Indranil Bhattacharya  

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