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I am a civil engineering graduate and currently pursuing Masters in Building Engineering and Management (Project Management) from School of Planning and Architecture Delhi, India, I am in the final semester and looking for a Job. But I am very much concerned about my future, as Project Management in Construction industry is still not very much prevalent in India and I don't know about other countries. This is the reason some times I feel that I made a wrong choice and feel depressed.

Q1- What is the growth in the field of project management in construction Industry ?

Q2- If I want to go into pure management (Businees strategies, finance etc), what is the correct route? I am in my last semester of my Masters programme in Building engineering & mgmt., shall I pursue another degree like MBA in finance or Supply Chain Management ?

Basically I don't want to work on site, because according to my knowledge the ethics/work environment on site is the poorest compared to any other industry. Suggest me some career keeping my background in mind in which I can stay away from site work and get good growth (financial). I can opt for any diploma or degree programme via distance mode or part time only.

And I am interested in any career which offers me good growth and fulfills my above said conditions, so my interest does not matter at this point of time in my life as I have financial liabilites to fullfill.

Dear Talha
Since you are a graduate Civil Engineer it seems very much normal to seek a master in PM. after you finish your studies, what would be important is to find a job related to your study. this will be difficult if you don't have experience and to overcome that, you need to accept any type of job as long as it is related to Civil engineering. first few years will be very important to gather good experience to put you on track in this profession. but in all cases, the PM degree would be helpfull for your career as it lines up with the Civil engineering profession. I don't know why you would look for another field of specialization, after all, the difficulty would be to get a job without having experience regardless of what degrees you hold

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