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I just acquired a hot tub. it is 8x8 ft and weight is 765, I think it holds 7 people and 510 gallons of water. I need to put it on a deck rather then a pad. I have someone doing this. It is a 14x14 foot deck and I am concerned how many supports are needed and the size of the joist, etc to make certain this will last and hold up to the weight? I do not think they are making it heavy enough but can not do the figures to know what I will need to do the job. It will also have a roof over it.

Hello Edna,

I don't think you will like this answer.  Your hot tub, water and people have a total weight of 6,500 lbs. (I assumed 1,500 lbs of people.)
That calculates to 101.56 lbs per square foot under the hot tub.  When the tub is empty the weight per sq. ft. is only 12 lbs.  As you can see, water is heavy and your hot tub will hold over 4,250 lbs of water.

I recommend that you isolate the hot tub on its own foundation.  That is, build an 8' x 8' frame with 9 columns going to the frost line. Use 2"x 10" rim perimeter and joists at 12" o.c. with a maximum span of approx. 4'.  Apply the floor decking in long (14') pieces over the entire deck and the hot tub framing is concealed and the weight distributed. You may want to consider plastic decking which looks like wood will not deteriorate.

As a safety factor, you may want to contact your Building Dept. and ask them what their minimum standards are for supporting a hot tub, given all the above weights.

I hope my reply has been helpful.

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