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please suggest me cost comparision for wooden luxzarious villas 5000 sqft and pre engineering building for 5000 sqft villas

Here are some thoughts for your kind consideration:

Point no. 1

Wood is not a eco-friendly material. People might raise concerns of the use of ‘wood’ in a 5000 sqft project. Also, the use of ‘manufactured’ wood is yet to catch up in India, unlike in European Countries.    

Point no. 2

Large scale availability of ‘quality’ seasoned / manufactured wood in India. Vendors might try to push ‘un-seasoned’ wood, which would definitely become point a concern in a very short period of time.      

Point no. 3

Availability of ‘good’ quality carpenters.

Point no. 4:

Fire may be another point of concern. The required technology to treat wood to control 'fire spread’ is still very costly in India.    

Point no. 5:

Maintenance (repainting / varnishing / polishing every 5 - 7 years)costs are definitely higher in the case of wood.     

Under the circumstances, we believe that ‘pre-engineered’ buildings would be definitely be more cost effective in the long run than ‘wood’ in India.

Indranil Bhattacharya
BR Architects & Engineers Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore  

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