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1) This is regarding of dayworks. Some projects BOQ there is no amount including for the day works. But they have given contigencies (10% of contract sum). In this situation can we claim day works items and what is the basic condition for the claiming of dayworks. Further Can we claim our OH & profit from day works. Please advise me.

2) We are given some material prices in tender stage ex. Cement, sand, etc...... Can I take that material prices for material at site rates in our monthly interim payment or I have to put market rate for material at site items.If I use market rate it can be plus or minus (fluctuation comparing tender stage) Please advise which is the best way I have to do.

Dear Subasinghe
the day work rate is only used when additional works are ordered by the Engineer on the bases of such daywork rates. Depending on the tender requirements, such rates might include or exclude OH and  Profit.
Payment of material on site is usually done against certain percentage of the quoted item. it is not related to the tender material supply which is dealt with in the same manner as explained above (Daywork).

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