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A building has a length of 25m & a width of 10m. It's a 2 storey framed building i.e. D structural fabric consist of columns & beams. D bldng was constructed 2004 & in use b4 d fire incident early in 2009. As a result of d fire incident which lasted 4 2hrs, d entire roof structure was burned down (timber trusses & roofing shts wer burnt. D roof beams appear not to be affected by d fire as they remained in their positions. D ground & 1st floor slabs wer xtremely hot & gave out so much heat hrs after d fire was contained. Structural & non-structural cracks wer observed on d walls & slabs & beams & columns. D 1st floor slab did not collapse after d fire incident but part of d wall on d 1st floor collapsed. You are required to access d building after d incident, suggesting what should be done to determine d structural state of d bldng & its element. Any necessary repair work should also be stated.

22nd July 2014, 4:30 pm, India Time.  

Dear Sir,

This is to acknowledge receipt of your trailing question / statement.

Firstly, it is needless to mention that we would be happy to be of assistance to you to access the status of the ‘Fire Damaged Structure’ as mentioned by you.

Secondly, in India we normally follow the under-mentioned steps to make the necessary assessment::   


Visit to the site for preliminary assessment of Total Work involved including planning of the physical tests for the existing structural members, if any, time required to make the report and Consultancy Fees for the same.


Costs of Transportation - Overnight Stay - etc. are charged for the above depending upon the location of the site with reference to Bangalore City.  


A  Consultancy Fee Proposal is submitted along with the Time requirement for your kind approval


Work order is received / agreement is signed along with an advance amount.  


A Comprehensive Report is submitted along with Repair Methodology and other details, as agreed upon for release of balance payment.   

Unfortunately the above may not be economically viable for you since the project in question is outside India

Hope, Sir, this answers your immediate queries. Please feel free to revert, where necessary.

As mentioned earlier, we would be happy to help where possible.

Thanking you, in anticipation,

Yours sincerely,
For, BR Architects & Engineers Pvt. Ltd.,

Indranil Bhattacharya  

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