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Dear Mr. Wael,
A client wants to construct a aviation fuel storage tank in an airport. He chooses to use EPC (or Design Build) project delivery system. He will prepare a scope of work (SOW). My question is related to the technical part in SOW. How much details will be put in the SOW. Will it be correct to say that he can make a one page SOW stating the tank diameter, height, nozzles, battery limit, inclusions and exclusions and this will help contractor to quote for the job.

Contractor on the other hand will spend huge time in calculating the detailed scope of work, so that nothing is amiss.

Compared to DB, in a Design Bid Build project, all drawings and specifications required for construction of the tank will be present.

In short, the question is how much scope definition should the client carry out in DB project?

Thank you very much. I really appreciate it.

Dear Sharjeel
You need to present the contractor with  the client's requirements and the more details you can specify the better it is. More important than the details is to inform the contractor about:
Controls and Control room
Future development and the need of additional tanks.
Ability to fill the bowser within the specific time . simultaneous bowser filling if required.
Ability to fill the tank from incoming tankers.
pipe lines if so required.
Parking lot and for how many bowsers/trucks.
shading of the operation area.
storm water management.
The codes and standards to be used including the aviation standards.
type or types of aviation fuel you want to use
Travel time to aircraft - service time.
I believe that this is very specialized work and not any contractor will be able to deliver EPC. It would be much better to design it then to solicit bids against the design.
best regards  

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