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I want to calculate the bearing capacity of a multi-story ( 78 m x 46 m )
consists of 12 stories and three basements ..
the constraction level is -10.73 .. and the boring ( 8 borings ) gives me N from SPT and water content .
i used terzagi equitions ( which I learned ) but the bearing capacity was very large

I know there are another methods .. which equation is suitable in this case ? and where I can find a detailed explanation for it ?

Thank you very much :)

Dear Karim
Soil investigation reports usually contain the bearing capacity of the soil. It does not matterhow tall is your building and what it contains,all you need to specify is the excavation level and the report should provide you with the bearing capacity.
I suggest that you take the lab report and use such bearing capacity value which is essentially based on lab test results.

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