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Abdul Majid Khan wrote at 2013-07-14 11:08:51
I do not know whether I am too late to add to this. However my opinion on 49 days is that the Pn factor is computed for the work done of the previous month and keeping a period of 19 days for procurement of materials the number of days worked out are 49. The Number 49 is rounded for a whole number of weeks ie n this case 7 weeks. I hope this answers the question

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I can answer questions based on FIDIC 4 and FIDIC 1999 [design-build] with particular reference to time extension , price adjustment and disputes. I am in particular more inclined for response to points pertaining to how claims should be framed and put up in case of technical or other contractual shortcomings. Regarding procurement matters I have spent over 5 years as procurement specialist for highway authority and dealt with numerous claims and disputes in the capacity of "The Engineer" .

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