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Quantification of earthworks road cross sections by using average end area method.
.question:for example the station 3+000 has cut quantity 20 cubic meters and next station 3+020 has fill quantity 15 cubic meters. our consultants are being calculate the cut volume from (suppose) 2+000 to 3+000 and next fill volume from 3+020 to ahead. i am confused about volume between 3+000 to 3+020.

Dear Raja,

Let me first apologise for answering your question late. It was due to EID holidays.

Measurement and quantification of earthworks are generally made via average depth indicated in the cross sections over  specific length or distance. In graphical surveying representations of depths in road works; stations are indicated by their meter+millimeters measurements. such as 3+020; which means 3 meters and 20milimeters. This is usually read with leveling staff. the meters is usually a reference point or benchmark from which certain reference must have been established in relation to the road levels for either the finished level or other formations and layer levels. in 3+020 for example; it means your datum or reference point is 3+000 and then, for a cut of 20mm depth, the staff or instrument will read 3+020; and for a cut of 200mm depth, the staff or instrument will read 3+200 and so on.

In a nutshell, the cut or fill established in the reading is usually in milimeters and not cub meters. you will need to calculate the cubic meters of the total cut material by using the length to multiply the width and then the cut depth.

Where the station varies in depth of cut or fill; the reading will still follow the normal style except you move your instrument or viewing position where the benchmark or datum reading would need to be re-established.

Your surveyor can assist to practically demonstrate this to you.

I hope i have helped.



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