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1.Concurrent delays are the delays caused by Employer and the Contractor simultaneously.please keep a scenario in mind that if the delay caused by Employer is 6 months and simultaneously there is a delay incurred by Contractor for 4 months, would the eot calculation 2 months, keeping all other variables constant?

2. How the parallel delays by the Employer be treated. for instance, since the commencement if the Employer fails to provide the design and also access to the site and gives design after 4 months and access to site after 6 months, which following scenario would be used for eot?

a. 4 + 6 = 10 months
b. 6 > 4, so 6 months

         Dear sir,
My very brief response will be as follows.
(a)EOT for six months
(b)"loss and Expense" for two months as compensible part of this delay
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