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Hi Akhtar,

we are working as a project manager of a cost reimbursement contract in Dubai. It consists construction of villa community, infrastructure and other amenity buildings.Interim valuations are approved as per the actual invoices of contractor for his staff, labour, plant, etc.The Employer wants to know the financial progress for each and every category. Eg: for a villa, for a particular road,etc. Even though we have physical progress at site, it is hard to distribute the certified payments in to sections in such a way. We can only distribute them as per percentage completion but realistic figures cannot be obtained on this method. Can you please explain me a suitable way of doing this.

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Dear Nimesha,

We were working on the thermal power plant and there the contractor was reluctant to provide his data for the S-Curve for project progress monitoring.  To support the Employer, we developed the S-Curve as:
we   Prepared the construction schedule taking care of major cost elements provided in the BOQ.
  Major BOQ costs were distributed linearly on the time element.
  The above costs were adjusted for a bell-shape profile based on our construction experience and as the payment schedules.
  Then, vertically sum of all the costs were exercised and AS-Planned profile S-Curve was created.
  At the end of each month, the verified invoice for work done was considered for updating the S-Curve for Actual progress.
  We were clear that actual progress may be slightly more than the verified invoice for each month, therefore a lag factor may be accounted for more accuracy, otherwise without this correction factor, still it is quite reasonable/acceptable.
  This is even helping us in monitoring the progress / disbursement as well as extension of time claim analysis
We understand in your case, your may adopt following elements:
  Survey costs
  Block masonry
  Fixed furniture
It is better to do it in Excel, otherwise it is possible to do it in Primavera but its updating/monitoring is not easy to update and to make it understand to the Employer, it is based on my experience; you may adopt it based on your requirements and recourses available.
Best Regards,
Akhtar Hussain Mayo
MS TQM, BE-Mechanical Engineer

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